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Work Element 8: Regulatory Approaches

This work element will identify and evaluate potential regulatory approaches for achieving nutrient load reductions in SFB should reductions be necessary.  A variety of approaches will be considered and evaluated for their applicability to the San Francisco Bay setting and for their potential effectiveness for achieving nutrient objectives.  A work group will be convened to specify goals, and develop a work plan and scopes of work. As with Work Element 7, this work will be carried out in parallel with other tasks so that, should nutrient regulations be necessary, a range of options will already have been evaluated to a certain degree.  Where necessary and feasible, the potential effectiveness of different regulatory approaches (and related control strategies) will be evaluated through scenario modeling (Task 6.3).

Subtasks include:

  • 8.1a Develop a range of regulatory approaches
  • 8.1b Use modeling to evaluate the efficacy of proposed regulatory approaches

Task 8 - Subtasks Completion