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Work Element 5. Monitoring Program Development And Implementation

The purpose of this work element is to develop the San Francisco Bay monitoring program.  Targeted habitats include unvegetated and vegetated subtidal and mudflat habitat in the Bay. Managed pond habitats will be excluded, as this habitat type will be addressed in a separate work element in the strategy.  Two major tasks are associated with this work element.

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Task 5.1. Develop a Monitoring  Program:

5.1.a Identify elements of a core SF Bay monitoring program to assess status and trends of loads and Bay response.

The purpose of this task is to recommend specific indicators and methods, spatial and temporal density of sampling that should be included in a “core” monitoring program to make regular assessments of the status of the Bay with response indicators and to assess trends in external nutrient loads and response. An evaluation of existing monitoring activities in the Bay will be considered, along with the potential for maximizing synergies and leveraging resources. The product of Task 5.1.a. will be used to develop a detailed nutrient monitoring program for the Bay (5.1.c). Load monitoring may be included as an element of the monitoring program for point and non-point sources, including stormwater, wastewater, agriculture and Delta inputs to the northern estuary.

5.1.b Develop a program of special studies to improve fundamental understanding and quantification of processes in the system

In addition to status and trend monitoring, special studies will be carried out to address fundamental data or conceptual gaps that need to be filled to support the assessment framework and model calibration and validation. Data or conceptual gaps identified in Tasks 2.3, 2.5, 3.2, 3.3,  4.1, 4.2, 6.2b, and 6.3 will be compiled and prioritized within Task 5.1.b

5.1.c Develop San Francisco Bay nutrient monitoring program Work Plan and QAPP. 

The purpose of this work element is to develop the work plan and quality assurance project plan (QAPP) for the Bay nutrient monitoring program. The work plan and QAPP covers monitoring to assess status and trends in external nutrient loads and ecosystem response of the Bay to those loads. This task includes development of field, sampling handling, laboratory analyses, data management and reporting procedures for data collection.

Subtasks include:

Task 5.1 - Subtasks Completion

Task 5.2 Implement the San Francisco Bay nutrient monitoring program. 

Subtasks include:

Task 5.2 - Subtasks Completion