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Work Element 7: Control Strategies

This work element will identify control strategies that are feasible in the near-term and long-term for reducing nutrient loads to the Bay, and evaluate their potential effectiveness for addressing nutrient-related impairment in the Bay, and their cost-efficiency. A work group will be convened to identify key decisions and environmental, technical, and economic considerations, and develop work plans and scopes of work. All major nutrient sources will be considered, including POTW loads, stormwater runoff, and agricultural and other loads from the Delta. Effort directed toward exploring control strategies for various sources will be prioritized based on their relative importance and potential for load reductions, and based on spatial/temporal considerations.  The evaluation of control strategy options will also consider multiple benefits. Work Element 7 will be carried out in parallel with the other activities above so that implementation plan scenarios can be considered once proposed nutrient objectives are developed.  Where applicable, implementation scenarios will be evaluated and refined through modeling work in Task 6.4.  Where necessary and feasible, the potential effectiveness of control strategies will be evaluated through scenario modeling (Task 6.3). 

Subtasks include:

  • 7.1a Prioritize sources for consideration
  • 7.1b Develop a range of control strategies
  • 7.1c Use modeling to evaluate the efficacy of proposed strategies

Task 7 - Subtasks Completion